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Android-Generic Project is a collection of scripts, manifests & patches that allow for rapid prototyping of Android projects based off AOSP to produce generic images for Linux PC hardware as well as others. For a more in-depth description of the goals and progressions leading up to this project, please read This Blog Post

The first version of this toolset did indeed do what we intended it to do, but we felt things still aren't simple enough for mainstream use. So we are going to try and address that with this new version of Android-Generic Project.

The menu system uses easybashgui for it's menu system, so it will automatically detect and use: yad, gtkdialog, kdialog, zenity, Xdialog, (c)dialog, whiptail or bash builtins to display the optioins. That means this system should work on any server or SSH session.

Development Chats:

Telegram: PC/x86/x86_64


AG Main Repo: vendor_ag

AG Artwork: Android-Generic Artwork

AG Documentation: Android-Generic Project Documentation

Android-x86 Source & Troubleshooting Documentation: Android-x86 Documentation

Bliss OS Docs

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Our documentation has moved to it's own repo: AG Documentation Repo

Android-Generic Project Documentation Site


We'd like to say thanks to all these great individuals first: @phhusson @cwhuang @maurossi @goffioul @me176c-dev @bosconovic @farmerbb @aclegg2011 @eternityson and many others

And these great teams second: @Google @LineageOS @GZR @OmniROM @SlimROM @ParanoidAndroid @dahliaOS and many others, for you still lead the way for Open Innovation in the Android community.

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